Krypto Kameel


Viennese tradition meets blockchain. Be part of Vienna’s latest networking event to collaborate and interact with peers and experts on current trends in blockchain, digital assets, DeFi, NFTs and much more. Invitation only.


Blockchain technology, digital assets, NFTs, and everything else crypto entails are poised to revolutionize the next generation and open up new opportunities. The pace of development of these dynamic changes often makes it difficult to keep track of the current status.

The goal of Krypto Kameel is to bring the brightest minds to the table and facilitate regular discussion on all kinds of crypto-related topics. The event is designed to not only bring like-minded people together but build a professional crypto community in Vienna. 

Join us on our journey to build the next generation and be there when Vienna meets Blockchain. 



In the middle of Vienna’s old town, the traditional culinary institution “Zum Schwarzen Kameel” offers an excellent place to dine, exchange ideas and collaborate with other visionaries in the crypto field.

Besides their numerous world-famous sandwiches and pastries, the restaurant is also known for its lavish wine cellar, which has helped Vienna’s greatest thinkers reach the pinnacle of excellence for several centuries.

Krypto Kameel Location